Friday, July 13, 2007

Gay Hit Men

Apparently a few people were upset because much of the gay content of a 2005 film entitled The Matador was excised with the cooperation of the director. The film is about -- get this -- a bisexual hit man! Frankly, I've think there have been more than enough movies about hit men -- a vile sub-species that I find much less interesting than other people do -- and I can certainly do without a movie about one that's "bisexual."

The movie's star, Pierce Brosnan of James Bond fame, objected to the gay content and so all we're left with is sex scenes between Brosnan and women. The director insists that you can tell the character is bi from the dialogue and there's supposed to be a scene where Brosnan ogles a male waiter.

I do understand that it can be extremely irritating when gay content is excised from a film, but I don't think I'm going to lose any sleep over this one. Not that gay characters in movies and TV shows all have to be "politically-correct" and perfect, but do we really need a gay/bi hit man? And hasn't that idea been done before in any case (in a James Bond movie no less, Diamonds are Forever)? I've no doubt some "bisexuals" will whine about their continuing invisibility but if they really want a bi hit man for a movie hero then they're asking for what they get.

An aside: the gay hit men appeared in Ian Fleming's novel Diamonds are Forever and if I remember correctly they were pretty tough guys, nothing stereotypical about them. Of course in the film version they were turned into a couple of "fruits." (In another spy movie years ago I believe Brosnan played a hit man who only pretends to be gay so he can murder a guy he picks up and steal his identity or car or something along those lines -- maybe some people will consider The Matador a step up.)

I'm all in favor of positive gay content in motion pictures and TV shows, but gay hit men I can do without. I'd rather see a movie that deals with the epidemic of gay teens who get thrown out of their homes after their families find out that they're gay. Or something that exposes the fact that in many states in the union you can still get fired simply for being gay. Or something that deals with the internalized homophobia that keeps so many men of all different races and backgrounds on the "down low" or has them marrying women or using their girlfriends as beards.

Gay hit men -- you can keep 'em!