Monday, February 9, 2009


A quick post and a reminder that February 8th to February 14th is Freedom to Marry Week.

You can get more information here.

Marriage equality is as much about equality as it is about marriage. Frankly, while I can understand why bigoted Republicans have problems with gay marriage -- and gays in general -- I'm not exactly thrilled with supposedly liberal democrats (yes, I include Obama and Clinton etc.) who are presumably gay-friendly (or so we think) but who don't support Full Marriage Equality. Yes, maybe in some cases they want to take small steps and are thinking of their more narrow-minded constituents, but now that Obama is in office we'll have to see what happens (Rick Warren, anyone?)

Forgive me if I'm cynical, but I've been around the block a few times. Forty years since Stonewall and there's still so fucking far to go. Still, I have to remember that in the days right after Stonewall the idea of gay marriage would have been inconceivable.

So maybe there's reason to hope after all.

We'll see.


John Bisceglia said...

My God. It really is amazing how much we argue about WORDS.

Of course they are important, and carry with them immeasurable baggage, but stepping back a bit it is remarkable that this nation is fighting a culture war over word usage ("marriage"), and the Queer community has a handful of other words that we are grappling with......Oye.

And it goes from profound to silly, like when the married man who loves to stick his weenie in other guys insists he is NOT gay or bisexual; "all tops are HETERO."

One Buddhist monk suggested that we only speak words when they BENEFIT other people. If we all did that, the silence would be deafening!

Bill Samuels said...

LOL, very good point, John.

I've always had a problem with guys who have sex with guys and insist that they are heterosexual, as well as people -- some of whom are gay -- who enable them in their delusion.

Thanks for the comment.