Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cutting Through the Bullshit

I'm still getting some responses to my post on asexuality, but I'm not going to revisit that issue, except to include one final comment that I received a few days ago, which actually raises a whole other issue; It goes like this:

Look... Buddy...I actually agree with a few of your points here. I agree that this is not a natural orientation. I agree that the LGBT community taking it on is a very stupid idea. I agree that all those who are asexual and experience problems because of it [are] in need of help. I especially agree with your last paragraph that states that if they don't want help, let them go for it. I myself have an asexual friend who is perfectly content with it. There's nothing wrong with that. I may not think it's natural but they're far more content with life than I myself am, so, let them.But your wording - your referring to it as a disability - your tone... It's just far too offensive. Many of your points are valid but you are not going to convince anyone with an approach like that. If anything you're just going to make them more resolute in their ways. I can understand how you would be upset and offended about this, but to have any hope of a credible point, you just need to calm down. (Shinkada) 3/4/09

Shinkada makes some good points. Actually I am a pretty calm person for the most part. But I've never suffered fools gladly, and my sense of humor, irreverence, and my refusal to always adhere to political correctness, may make me seem overly blunt, even nasty, to some people.

I myself have told others that if you tell somebody something in a nasty tone, the other person will miss your message and only focus on the nastiness. That being said, I don't think my post was especially nasty -- when I come across something that I just feel is kind of dopey, my let's-cut-through-the-bullshit attitude comes flaring forth and there's little I can do to stop it. My irreverent tone, my belief that there's humor in almost all things, pisses off those who take themselves, perhaps, way too seriously.

Anyway, on to other issues ....

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