Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A homo who has sex with his wife every day -- WOW!


Okay, I saw a really funny personal ad on a gay friendship/sex site the other day.

First of all I have to say the guy who placed the ad and photos was really pissed. He was angry at some of the responses he got and had removed his profile before some people told him he should replace it and forget about the negative responders.

You see, the trouble is the guy is married. "Remember, I have sex with my wife every day!" he tells all interested parties who chance to look at his profile. He identifies as bisexual.

Gee -- just what you want to read when you're cruising a gay sex and friendship site: I have sex with my wife every day. I mean, is that a turn-on to the average gay guy (out and proud or not) or is it?

Then what the hell are you doing here? some of the other guys on the site must have wondered.

Now some bi-identified individuals will tell you that it's only a stereotype that bisexuals have
to have sex with both men and women. If that's the case, this guy is very stereotypical or else he's not "bisexual" -- but a --- say it all together, boys and girls - - married homosexual!

His wife may insist they have sex every day (especially if she's paying all the bills -- makes you wonder) but that doesn't mean he wants to have sex with his wife, or that he prefers it over having sex with men.

Maybe he's -- like -- gay (or at least -- gasp! -- homosexual).

Gay men often come out after a deep internal and personal struggle, whether that "coming out" is to family, friends, the world, or merely a private acknowledgement and acceptance of their sexual orientation. It is not a joke or something to take lightly. It is something that matters to us. Why do married homosexuals and mostly phony bisexuals not understand how offensive their attitudes and utter lack of Gay Pride can be? (I've tried to make some of them understand and believe me, it's hopeless.) Why do they not understand that most gay men do not really want to help them commit adultery or wind up becoming some closeted guy's male mistress?

This guy says his wife knows that he is bisexual and has even fooled around with him and his "date." Sure. Even if she does know, I doubt if she's all that thrilled with his homoerotic carryings-on. Sure they could be "swingers," maybe the wife has convinced herself that hubby will never leave her for a man (unless he has more money, of course), that it's all just good plain bisexual fun.

But somehow I think the wife doesn't really know the truth and that this is not going to be one of the great or long-lasting marriages.

I'd provide a link in case anybody is just dying to date a guy who has sex with his wife every day but somehow I don't think that many people would be interested.

Guys, I admire honesty and full disclosure. But if you want to get laid -- don't mention the wife!

Better yet -- come out already!

On the other hand:

I suppose maybe this guy should be given credit for at least being honest about his sexual status and marital situation, especially when he knows he might get a lot of flack for it. I'm sure that he is not the only married bi/homosexual who puts his profile on gay sex/date web sites -- and most if not all of them calculatedly neglect to mention it [admittedly some totally gay guys may neglect to mention boyfriends]. I've no doubt that on most of these sites there will probably be many guys who have wives or girlfriends or who are bi or closeted or whatever and who could never be (for a variety of reasons) a serious candidate for a long-term loving same-sex relationship. Of course this may not matter to some guys who are just looking for sex, but other guys would like to know.

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