Friday, June 27, 2008



Okay, in my last post on the possibilities of Tyrone Power, Katharine Hepburn, and Spencer Tracy being homosexual, there was this incredible sentence:

His daughter, who died before he was even born, insists he wasn't gay.

Man, that's quite a feat, dying not only before you're born, but before your father's born. (Power's daughter was actually born after the death of her father. )

Thanks to ksen, who pointed out this error. The sentence has since been changed.

Wish this would be the last time I make a bonehead mistake that bad, but it probably won't be!
In any case:
And let's hope the days of the closet, of shame, of lying about your sexuality and hiding the truth about others', will one day be over!


Queers United said...

happy pride

Bill Samuels said...

Happy Pride to you too!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Power, Ms. Hepburn, possibly; but I don't believe so with respect to Mr. Tracy.

On the other hand, we gays seem to have it instilled that for one to be gay one needs to be good looking handsome so never say never I guess.

Bill Samuels said...

Yes, even today there are people, gay and straight, who can't think of a man as gay unless he fits the "willowy young pretty queen" stereotype. It's as if you can't be gay if you're over forty, average-looking, overweight, or masculine -- this despite the strong emergence of bear culture.

A couple of recent bios of Hepburn go into the Spencer Tracy business with convincing comments from those who knew both of them. Tracy would not be the first non-stereotypical or "macho" guy who couldn't deal with his homosexual impulses and drank heavily because of it. Even in this day and age guys like that still exist.

Even today I think many people have no idea of the vast numbers of men and women who have homosexual feelings but who are perceived -- or perceive themselves -- as being totally straight, family men, etc. and so on.

Thanks for your comment!